Friday, 24 April 2009


Yeah... its been a while. My Bad.

Excuse TIME!

Right so the great big lack of blogs lately is because I have been mega busy filming and writing my Dissertation, helping out with the HCI conference and sorting out bits and bobs for the end of year exhibition. Phew.

So what have I actually achieved? Well I have 4500+ words for my Dissertation and I'm aiming to get it done by sunday night so I can send it on to Paul and Colin for provisional marking.

On the project side of things I have finished filming and am now editing. Got about 1min 30 secs roughed out and its looking pretty nifty.

So just as a treat bellow are some stills from the video so far.

And I'll get some production pics up soon :)


Monday, 6 April 2009


So the time has come my special friends to talk of many things... like what the heck I've been upto the last little while. First off been working on the stage form my puppets, giving it a lick of paint, building a floor and I did a rough backdrop that sucked, which I'm going to re-do. I've also been building a fence and a mini wall for the second set.

My stage! looks a bit boring right now, but it will be epic soon!

Close up of the stage and the rubbish first draft of my backdrop.

My wall and fence so far. The wall was made using card and funky foam (in red!) although is not done, I am going to weather it a little and add some graffiti to it. The fence was made using matchsticks for the frame and the plastice gauze stuff from a babybell pack :P then painted silver.

The full set so far XD

close up on two of the guitars the amp and my new fence =]

Mic Close Up (still needs cables)

The set
Close up on guitar 2

Final close up of the whole lot.

So yeah thing are going well. I'm aiming to get everything fully built and ready roll by friday and then get filming knocked out next week. so I've still to:

  • Finish my wall
  • Build a corregated iron scaffold wall
  • paint my two backdrops
  • build the second base for my stage and cut arm holes in both
  • build my lighting rig
  • make hair for my 5th puppet.
  • put string on the guitars (if time allows)
  • add cables to the mic, amp and guitars (again if time allows)
  • And book equipment and the Hive for next week.

Not to bad, except I am also aiming to get to atleast 4000 words on my dissertation by friday as well :[ hmm some late nights ahead me thinks.