Sunday, 26 July 2009

How long has it been!?....Yeesh

yeah its been a while, but I'm going to skip the excuses and jump straight to whats new. Uni is fin, graduated a couple weeks back and I have the sexy scroll to prove it. (and a rather hideous pic of me getting "the hat" placed on my head)

Cue Hideous pic.

Since then I had an interview for Gen Up, a paid placement ran by TRC media in partnership with BBC Scotland, Channel 4 and Scottish Screen. And I'm pretty excited to tell you that me and Angela both managed to secure places as two out of 6 delegates that will be taking part in the 7 week programme.

Since not many people seem to have heard about Gen Up as its pretty new, Angela and myself have decided to write a blog during our seven weeks. So that you guys can see what we are getting upto and learn a bit more about the placement itself.

You can follow this new blog at:

Its a bit bare at the minute but we'll try to get some interesting stuff up soon once we get started on the 4th of August :)

Peep out peeps
Sea x