Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Video Launch tomorrow!!!!

Right so first off, Dissertation is done wooooooohooooo! Secondly I am on scedule for getting thie music video online tomorrow afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled as I will posting the link here, on twitter and all over the place. The more hits this thing gets the better so please help me out by sending it on to as many other people as possible :) Juts to get you guys in the mood for the video release tomorrow here are some production piccys.
Behind the Camera.

Taking a rest.

During filming (yeah sorry for the crap quality :S)

Getting a well deserved drink.

-Sigh- Andy couldn't help but play with the wool. =/

There will also be some outakes up soon, and eventually there will even be a mock-u-mentary to look forward too.
Have funs =]

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