Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Some puppet shinannigans...

Aloha. So today has been another productive day, I made a 2nd guitar and I've started building an amp. I even got bored and got a buddy to try testing out the puppets with the instruments and recorded a couple of short .avi's.
I felt that my last blog didn't really show the steps taken for making the guitar and drums, so I've broken this one down a bit more so you can see the guitar and amp actually forming :)
The 2nd Guitar
building it up with "funky foam" (heck knows why its named that?)

"paint" ( just fancy patterned paper)

scratch plate (metal effect card)

fret board (black paper)

just some personalised detail :p (what can I say the girl likes butterflies)

adding the frets (sticker set from rejects)

adding the bridge (same sticker set as above)

adding the inlay (another sticker set)

almost complete (welllll bar the wood and strings)

The Amp

basic template

putting it together

adding deffinition with yet more "funky foam"

with some buttons (sorry for the crappy quality, light was stupidly bright for some reason :S)
The top part was made entirely from "funky foam" (yey) the whole thing painted black and the front panel silver.

The full set so far

....and since I was waffling about avi's here they are :P enjoy!




  1. tehe :P love my guitar. looking amazing hottie :)

  2. Thats very cool! looks like you had alot of fun making the props.

  3. These instruments rock, they look so cool, must have been very difficult making such small things, and such nice details :D

  4. It was actually stupidly good fun :P its not been toooo difficult had a few hiccups with the glue but otherwise its all come together pretty well so far. :) Thanks XD I love the details on the pink guitar and the drums pretty damn chuffed with the whole lot actually. XD