Tuesday, 10 March 2009

More mini Instruments.

Today I got stuck into making one of my guitars, it's a little on the big side (compared to the drums) but its looking good, need to get some card or something to mimick the wood on the neck and I also need to gets some wire to make the strings. but otherwise this baby is done.
Before I let you see the pictures I should appologise for the crap quality, the battery ran out on my camera today so I reverted to using the aweful camera on my phone. I'll try and get some better pictures tomorrow once I've bought batteries for my cam :)


Foam layer

Preparing to give it "paint"

Woooo thats starting to look like a guitar.

yep. thats a guitar.

Ooooo and a stand too. :P

close up.

Guitar on its stand :)

Another close up.

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