Friday, 13 March 2009

Bass Guitar and Mic stand

Got set about making the bass guitar yesterday and decided it would be fun to actually paint the body this time (boy was that a mistake) spent half the day literally watching paint dry. I did how ever also make another guitar stand and a rather nifty mic stand which you can see below. Enjoy :)

2nd Guitar stand (it needs a lick of paint)

Microphone (need to get leads for all the instruments, hmm..)

Mic and stand

Bass Guitar
Template and first layer of our old friend "funky foam"
Starting to paint first layer of red paint
Several layers and a lot of waiting later, the starburst effect was added.
(this was achieved by stippling black paint around the edge of the body in towards the centre)

Finished effect, along with the fretboard added and some other detail stencilled on the body.

Finished Guitar (so far) it still needs a lick of varnish to add shine and some more detail added to the fret board and body. It also needs a strap.

Today's plan is to sort the above mentioned issues and find a subtle way to get a wood effect on the head and necks of all three guitars and also start working on back drop number one. May also paint my stage (if I have time)

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