Monday, 9 March 2009

Moving Forward.

OK so I said in my last post that I had a plan for my project. I spent all of last week fleshing out the storyline and drawing out some plans, And without further Ado here's the treatment for my new Music video plot.

A group of friends mysteriously turn into sock puppet alter egos of themselves and have to fight to keep their individuality as real life hands try to control them, eventually persuading them to perform as a mini tribute band (despite the fact they have no idea how to play any of the instruments).
At the weekend My Dad and I got set about making the the stage for the puppets (which is now taking up a considerable amount of space in my living room :P) I'll stick a picture of it up in the next couple of days once its had a lick of paint.
Yesterday I went into Primark and bought the socks that would make up my little group, and last night I gave them some eyes. The video is going to start in real life and with my five friends sitting bored in someones living room, so since the sock puppets are meant to be to represent these people, I will be trying to give them some visual similarities (e.g. hair colour and cut and clothes).

Last night I got as far as sticking eyes on them, will need to buy wool tomorrow :S Here's what they look like.

Five Brightly coloured buddies

They are watching you :P

I also went and bought lots of shiny materials for building my props at the weekend, below are just some of them :) Sadly it looks like I'll be buying a lot more.... My poor wallet.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Closer up pretty XD

Today I used some of the above sexy materials to begin making my miniature drum kit. The pics below show today's progress :)

Very basic bases.

starting to look a bit more drum like, no?

How about now?

More cymbals :)

close up XD

Now THAT looks kinda drum like to me! :P

Close up.
So I still need to finish them off, but I'm confident I'll get that done tomorrow easily, and then I can get cracking on the guitars, Amps and mic. I'll also get working on the backdrops for my set this week. Anyway I'm exhausted so I'm off to relax and possibly do a bit of reading.

Any comments or advice would be fantastic :) And thanks for all the support last week, can't tell you how much it helped :)


  1. Oh man, this rocks my socks,
    i'm looking forward, so forward to this :D

  2. Hey there,

    Really impressive drums! I was sceptical at first but as I scrolled down wow! Nicely done.


  3. Thanks guys :) Hopefully it'll come out well.