Thursday, 5 February 2009

First Blog Baby.

Right so I thought for my first blog I'd catch everyone up on what I've been doing for my Honours project.

The Project
So way back when (i.e. September) I decided to do a Music video for my Honours project and got started shuffling around on Myspace to find a local Band to work with. After a bit of searching I found a newly established Band called Second Go Lucky With a fairly Decent Fanbase and a nifty style.

Second Go Lucky @ Fatsams live supporting the view

Having met with the Band I started to have a think about some ideas for the video. Over the summer I'd come up with this little guy in a moment of boredom.

Having become quite attached to the little critter I ended up wanting to bring him into my video somehow. Eventually the idea of reverse ventriliquism came about and "POOF" I had an Idea.

The basic plot breakdown for the Video is;
Sydney (Our little star from above) plays the role of a demon sock puppet (not to much of a stretch right) kidnaps the lead singer of the band, during a practice session, holds him captive and "controls" him to sing. Meanwhile the rest of the band go through a series of bizzarre events trying to rescue their buddy.

So basically for my dissertation I want to discuss how music videos as a marketing format have changed in the last couple of years since the boom of internet viewing, and how websites like YouTube have given artists/Musicians a new domian to use the music video format in.

I'm still tidying up my Research question but at the moment its looking like this;

“In a society where internet viewing is constantly rising, is there a formula to creating a cult loved YouTube video, and can it be used to successfully promote a Band or Musician?”

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