Thursday, 26 February 2009

Stress Levels == HIGH

I am so close to having filming done and dusted I can almost taste the relief. Yes, TASTE!

Spent the last two days chasing people up about locations, booking equipment, writing up call sheets and a schedule for each day, and annoying all available friends to take on crew duties for me (Thanks You Guys)

So I now have full permission for:
The Discovery
The Dudhope Skatepark
and S2K

Still waiting to hear about the city square :S

Jamie the Ex-Bassist from the band has manged to rally round three of the other band members and is chasing up the Ex-lead Singer for me (hopefully we'll get him in time! or Sydneys plans for kidnap will be a little bit redundant)

Also my sneaky-uni-wide email plea dragged me back a couple of interested Skaters for the scene up at the skate park, so I just need to let them know what time I'll be up at the park on Sunday and hopefully they'll meet me there. :)

AND the weather forecast is promising me it'll be sunny spells on both Saturday and Sunday (Death to the BBC if they are wrong!)

So all I need to do now is find a way to shift three ridiculously heavy (well one of them is the other two are manageable but not when combined with the first :S) metal storage boxes full of camera and lighting equipment back to my flat. Hmmm...

Oh and Sydney still needs his hair fixed. YEY

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