Thursday, 19 February 2009

Things are coming together...Slowly.

So far its been a long week, filled with faaaaaar to much project management for my liking.

I'm almost prepared for filming next weekend though...
Just got to sort out the props,
Write up a schedual/call sheet,
Have a meeting with the Band,
Get all the equipment fully booked,
and plan my audio for the introduction skit.

(Man that actually sounds like a lot now I think about it)

All day tomorrow is going to be dedicated to making up my presentation for Profesional practice which has been moved from wednesday next week to monday, grrrr. Still I've just about done all the work for my case studies so I really just need to think about what I want to say and put the slides together.

Anyway the weather is quite nice today so I may head up to Dudhope park and get the location pictures for my fourth location (FINALLY) So hopefully I'll have them up for you guys to see tomorrow.

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