Monday, 16 February 2009


Done tones today!

Had a meeting with Paul at 10am so I was up early and got cracking sending emails to The Discovery Point and S2K about filming dates. I also sent an email to my contact Ed from Whitespace Solutions about the equipment I'll be needing for filming. Sent the script to one of the Band members and a disused band email address (oh well, back to the drawing board) Did a tone of research for my case study on the Arctic Monkeys AND , yes AND got Paul to look over my Rough Contents Page, which I have now revised and looks like this:

1.....Introduction: An Outline of the shift of new media
2.....Definition of viral marketing
2.1 Tribes, how they form and how to lead them.
2.2 The viral viewing phenomenon
2.3 Successful Internet marketing techniques
3.....Designing Content for mass consumption on the Internet
3.1 Narrative technigues
3.2 Production techniques
3.3 Technical constraints
4......Case Studies
4.1 The Arctics Monkeys
4.2 Smosh
4.3 Julia Nunes
4.4 Practical study of own YouTube user Channel

oh yeah, I've also been reading and taking notes from "The technology of Video and Audio Streaming" its a bit dated (by dated I mean like by two-threes years, damn a lots cropped up over the last couple of years) but it's got some good points in it. :)

And since my last few posts have been pretty text based (and I'm against this :P) I thought I'd let you guys see a video I produced for the Band (ex-Band) I'm working with. Its just footage from a gig they did Novemeber at fatsams Live. Its been up on Youtube since the end of Novemeber and is now on over 1100 views (and Counting)

You can watch the other three videos from the same gig on the Youtube Channel here:

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